Offshore software development from Russia

The major Customers of SKIM Software are overseas companies involved into software development. These companies usually commission us a project or a part of it for outsourcing development. This approach enables our Customers to cope with new or expanded assignments without hiring more employees or changing their specialization. Moreover, our Customers would always reduce their development costs this way.
After doing the first project with us, our Customers would often proceed with long-term cooperation based on collaboration and partnership principles. As you can easily find out for yourself, cooperating with us you benefit from our professionalism and high performance.
Please find the list of the projects we completed on the "Projects" page. You can also read some Customer feedback regarding their experience with our Company (see below).

Are you still uncertain whether you should become a Customer of SKIM Software? Please, send us an e-mail and we will discuss cooperation opportunities with you in detail.

Maryland corporation SciTech Concept Corp. started collaborate on software development projects with Russian company, Skim Software, in 1999. All our common projects were executed with very good quality and on time. Our business development plans prominently include further collaboration with Skim Software and we feel very comfortable with that.
Boris Gorney, President
SciTech Concept Corp.
+1 301 977 1273

Just a short note to thank you and your team for the excellent work you have done on our software development project recently. This was a test project for us and we are very pleased with the outcome and the SKIM Software processes. You have delivered exactly what was specified on time and within budget. We look forward to having a continuing relationship with SKIM Software. I would be pleased to be quoted as a very satisfied customer and referee.
Greg Twemlow, Director of Business Development
WealthPoint Technology
+61 412 555 416

We appreciate fruitful collaboration with your company. High professional skills of your specialists have always allowed your company to cope with the tasks on time and with excellent quality.
A.A. Rindin, Vice-president of the executive committee
Saving Bank of the Central Black Soil Region of Russia
+7 4732 774 524

One of our longstanding and regular business partners is USA company SDA Software, LLC. We have worked with them for ten years. There is what Managing Partner of SDA, Suponitskaya Alla, says about our team-work:
We started to work with SKIM Software (Russia) back in 1998 when they joined our team for Multiplicity development. When SDA was created, we offered SKIM Software to stay with SDA to continue their work on Multiplicity development. Looking at the results, we know it was a right choice! Having SKIM Software on board allows us to lower the cost while having the highest quality of the product. This team is able to find the most efficient solution to every problem, response time is very good, they are creative and responsible. We are planning to have a long-time relationship with SKIM Software.
Alla Suponitskaya, Managing Partner
SDA Software, LLC
+1 502 290 1123
During the years that we worked with SDA company we develop a lot of software projects in the finance, medicine and e-commerce spheres.
Now in the context of our joined with SDA projects we are developing a large web-system in the sphere of public health service - Bly Sky System.
Bly Sky System now is used by more then for 60 staffing agencies, who recruit medical personnel in the different American states. This system helps hospitals to find necessary specialists on-the-fly and to successfully work with them.
Clients, who use our software projects, quite often thank our partners. Here is one of these favorable reviews, that is received by Suponitskaya Alla:

Hi Alla,
I know I usually only speak to you concerning the work for the staffing application, and integration, but I wondered if you could pass along a comment for the programmers in Russia.
Please tell them that I have worked with a lot of different programmers both in the US and in other countries, and have run a US healthcare software company that was purchased by WebMD, but I have never worked with a group that was any faster at adapting to new ideas, logic and system-wide architecture.
We have a lot of schools that teach programming, and planning for software development, but there are some very “special” people that intuitively understand and “see” an entire system, and how changes or edits will affect each piece of a total system. This intuitive nature cannot be taught in school but is in the person’s DNA. Please let your people know that their expertise and understanding of systems is far beyond what is taught in schools. I feel very lucky we have them working on our projects!
Please thank them for me!!
Timothy Teague, President
Halo Systems, LLC

You can always be sure that your project development requirements, cooperation suggestions, and project implementation monitoring requests will be understood and fulfilled.