Offshore software development from Russia

Confidential Information
We guarantee confidentiality of all the information that our Customers submit in the course of the project and it is surely possible that we also sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our Customers.
Warranty Services
We provide unlimited warranty services for our software products throughout the entire operation period. If we receive any information concerning inappropriate system operation we correct the encountered error and send the new version to the Customer. You can be sure that even after the project has been completed you can contact us anytime and we will correct the error free of charge.
Source Code Storage and Transfer
This is how we ensure this guaranty:
  • check all the data downloaded from the Internet for viruses;
  • the local network can be only accessed using a password;
  • maintain several categories of information access rights;
  • regularly make back-up copies of the documents;
  • store printed out files of special importance in a safe.
  • when we send the source code to the Customer, we make a Winzip 8.0 archive protected by a password;
  • if there is a need to ensure extra secrecy of the code stored or mailed we use a coding program named Cryptor (this program guarantees absolute information protection);
  • for confidential electronic correspondence, we also use Cryptor program.

If you want to use SKIM Software service, please send us an e-mail. Our address is:
Choosing our services, you can always be certain in:
  • the high quality of the developed software product;
  • the professionalism of our development team;
  • the application of the most up-to-date development, project management, and testing technologies and tools;
  • the creative approach to problem-solving;
  • strict compliance with all the deadlines;
  • receiving all the required technical documentation.
These words are supported by the fact that our Customers stay with us over the years.

If it is important for you to know exactly how your project will be implemented, you should visit the "Development Technology" page.