Offshore software development from Russia

Successful cooperation indispensably relies on partnership and teamwork based on mutual understanding, respect, and free will. We always try to build Customer relations on these very principles.
The process of Customer interaction is outlined in the following scheme:
Customer Relations Technique
  • Internet connection - dedicated ADSL line
  • Interactive communication - ICQ, MSN, (IP telephone connection)
  • Business correspondence - e-mail, fax
  • Negotiations - telephone
  • Personal meetings - it is possible to arrange personal meetings in Moscow or in our Voronezh office
Payments Schedule
  • Advance payment (max. 20% of the Contract amount)
  • Completing Stage I of the Contract
  • Payment for Stage I
  • Completing Stage II of the Contract
  • Payment for Stage II
  • ...
This way, our Customers only pay for the work that has been completed.

If you want to see our standard Contract or NDA, ask questions, discuss our rates or any other cooperation terms, send us an e-mail.
Below you can find more detail on how to best organize the implementation of each cooperation stage described.
Signing an NDA
When we first establish our relations, you will get answers to all your questions regarding our Company and the services that you are interested in. At the same time, you can inform us of your individual wishes and additional requirements. In general, at this stage we need to do the following:
  • Define general goals and objectives;
  • If you wish, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
You may take a look at our standard NDA and use it as a template or suggest your own version.
Signing a Contract
Further, it is necessary to develop and sign a contract on works performance, which would clearly identify the cooperation procedure between the parties, development deadlines, and project costs. In our experience, the following approach is most effective:
  • The project is divided into short logically independent stages
    (2 - max. 3 weeks each);
  • The results of each stage are subsequently delivered to the Customer;
  • Each of the stages is paid for upon its completion.
Breaking the project into stages helps both parties control the project implementation (time, performance, payments, etc.) and make adjustments or additions when necessary.
You may take a look at our standard contract and use it as a template or suggest your own version.
Specifications Development and Coordination
In order to launch a project, you may either provide your own specification or give us a general idea of the objective and have us develop the specification on our own. If we (SKIM Software) are responsible for developing the specification, the cost of the development is added to the total project costs.
In any case, we will thoroughly study all the materials and try to clearly define the final targets of the project, its special features, limitations, user requirements, operation conditions, etc.
In our experience, the majority of projects work best with the procedure outlined below:
It should be remarked, that having a professionally developed specification significantly reduces general risks and guarantees that you achieve your goals. Moreover, competent specifications help clearly define the types of works that should be completed and accordingly, estimate man-hours, costs, and deadlines more accurately.
Managing, Monitoring, and Controlling the Project
To manage the project, we suggest that you apply the following approach:
  • You assign a Project Manager (a contact person for us) in your company who speaks English and/or Russian;
  • We assign a Project Manager in our company (a contact person for you);
  • Project Managers communicate with each other regarding all the issues related to the project implementation;
  • All the works are completed according to the developed and approved schedule of activities.
Our Project Manager is fully responsible for the implementation of the project as well as Customer relations. Therefore you can always address the Project Manager with any issue that you are concerned with, make your own suggestions, request additional reports, and share your ideas.
You will able to monitor the implementation of the project and get as much detail as you need. For instance, you can check and control the current code writing status (in percentage), regularly review the source code, or keep track of the project implementation progress. If you find it necessary, we could also do our work using special on-line project implementation control systems. Upon your wish, we can also deliver daily or weekly reports. At the same time, our experience shows that the most efficient way to control the implementation of the project is to receive reports on each logically independent project stage. This approach does not require much time for control yet it will allow you to keep track of the development process and closely follow the implementation of the project.
System Implementation and Support
You can be sure that even after the project has been completed we will still be there to correct any error you may come across or make necessary adjustments and additions to the project. All you need to do is to contact us and we will try to work out the best solution to your problem.
Read more about our support services (including those provided free of charge) on the "Services" page.

With our Customers, we stick to guaranteed approaches and solutions.