Offshore software development from Russia

SKIM Software provides the full scope of services related to software development and implementation ranging from project goals and objectives analysis to system support. We provide our services in accordance with the modern performance standards.
Key Services
Main Areas of Activity
  • Finance (EDI, HIPAA EDI, ACH and other electronic payments, customer services in banking);
  • Commercial and financial activity of businesses (product sales, accounting, etc.);
  • Healthcare (medical insurance, medical staff recruitment, personnel planning, registration, and salary payments);
  • Publishing (planning, managing and controlling work performance, pre-publishing activities).
What Benefits to We Provide
If you need to develop a new software product or modify an existing system you can definitely address SKIM Software with this issue. We will be happy to do the job for you. Moreover, you can be sure that your project will be completed in time and in the best manner. All your confidentiality requirements will be strictly followed. You can count on us in finding and proposing new solutions to non-standard problems. We can be productive and creative and provide you with reliable and innovative solutions.
Take a look at our "Pattern of Cooperation" page to learn more about our services contract, payments schedule, and development monitoring and control options.
SKIM Software completes individual software development projects for Customers considering all their expectations, restrictions, and individual requirements.
Our experience in the most popular software technology areas:
  • Microsoft SQL Server - 7 years;
  • Delphi - 7 years;
  • Java - 5 years;
  • .NET (C#) - 3 years.
Some of the development technologies that we apply:
  • Code version management: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe;
  • Project management: MS Project, Rational ClearQuest, Rational Test Studio;
  • Design tools: Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Flash;
  • Coding tools: MS Visual Studio .Net, Borland Delphi, Borland J Bilder, JDK;
  • Programming platforms: Microsoft, Borland, Sun.
To learn more about how and using which software applications we could complete your project see the "Development Technology" page.
If you need to:
  • improve, change, or expand a software system,
  • translate your product into a different programming language,
  • switch to a different operation platform,
  • switch to a more powerful database,
then you should definitely come to us. We have experience with system modification and we will do this job for you at the professional level.
Support services free of charge:
We provide unlimited warranty services for our software products throughout the entire operation period and we are always ready to fix any error that a Customer may encounter.
  • The Customer sends an e-mail describing the problem and encloses screen shots. We analyze the problem, fix the error, and send out the corrected version.
Additional support for extra charge:
  • Additional development or adjustment of system functions and properties;
  • Helping with settings in operational or other systems by developing special adjustment modules for Customers. We can create special adjustment modules to help the Customer fix the problems caused by incorrect settings in operational or other systems and send such modules to the Customer.

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Please send us your cooperation proposals. Write about your projects, wishes, and requirements. Feel free to ask questions.

If you use our services, you will be able to:
  • increase your scope of work;
  • do the work faster;
  • complete larger projects;
  • reduce development costs.