Offshore software development from Russia

SKIM Software, Ltd is a Russian company established in March 1993 specializing in software development. Over this time, SKIM Software has been rather successful in doing software development projects not only for Russian but also for overseas Customers.
Over the 14 years, the specialists of the Company have completed more than 20 software projects using up-to-date information technology tools such as Java, .Net, and MS SQL. Three of the projects, MultiPlicity, RMPro, Staffing Plus, are typical solutions that are sold to system owners in the USA market as "box" products.
SKIM Software Customers are both Russian and American software development companies. Two American companies, SDA Software, LLC and SciTech Concept Corp, have been using SKIM Software services for 8 years now.
The stable position of the Company in the outsourcing services market is supported by the results of the projects completed and Customer feedback.
SKIM Software specializes in distant software development projects in such fields as finance, trade, electronic document flow, and healthcare. The professional competence areas of our employees include designing information systems, databases, as well as local and web applications. The distant work methods and techniques that we apply help us guarantee the reliability and high performance in our projects. We do our projects in a way that helps our Customers reduce developments costs and increase their income. Our competence and professionalism, technical equipment level and practical experience are the factors that determine your motivation to work with us.
The Team
The SKIM Software team consists of 20 highly qualified IT specialists who graduated from the leading Voronezh colleges and universities such as Voronezh State University and Voronezh Technical University. The professional experience of the employees ranges from 3 to 18 years.
Our Project Managers have experience in managing large software development projects including the 7 years in distant development.
Our long-term strategy includes systematic HR development, in particular, recruitment of new specialists when required by the project.
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The Management
Irina Ivanovna Eikhvald
General Manager

Irina Eikhvald established SKIM Software in 1993. Before that, she had worked as a research specialist for Energiya Science and Production Concern.

Irina Eikhvald graduated from Voronezh State University,
Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Department
(Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics).
Igor Mikhailovich Rebrov
Chief Technical Officer

Igor Rebrov has been working for SKIM Software for more than 13 years and he has a lot of experience in distant development. Before coming to SKIM, he had worked as a programmer at Voronezh Technical University.

Igor Rebrov graduated with honors from Voronezh Technical University in 1992 (Master's Degree in Electronics).

Do you know the criteria of successful development?
  1. Performance;
  2. Meeting budget targets;
  3. Meeting project deadlines.
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