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Frequently Asked Questions
Is There an Opportunity for Several Company Employees to Operate the Program in the Local Network simultaneously?
Yes, you can purchase the License for the Network Version of the Program for unlimited number of workbenches. Cryptor can be installed on the network disk, then the program can be operated by all employees that are authorized to enter the Program. However if your company operations call for better security, we recommend to purchase a number of local versions and to install them on the hard disks of all computers but not in the network. For example, if you want to carry out coding/decoding on your computer or your accountant's computer, then the program should be installed on both computers.
How could I organize exchanging ciphered information via Internet?
If you exchange business information via Internet, then the ciphering program should be installed both on your computer and your recipient's computer.
What Is the Quick Way to Send a Confidential Message to a Business Partner?
The Cryptor Program possesses a convenient built-in function. The function makes it possible to create new electronic messages and to send them to the recipient. You are able to develop the necessary message straight in the Cryptor program. The message will be ciphered automatically and sent at once to the indicated address. Thus you will comfortably exchange confidential information with your business partners.
What Qualification Does One need to Operate the Program? How Quickly One Can Learn to Operate Cryptor?
The program is very easy to operate. Any user having basic skills in Windows can operate it. If you can operate в Word, Excel or OutLook Express etc. there is no need to learn to operate Cryptor. Start the program, select file, click the mouse, enter your password and - here you are! - your file is ciphed/deciphed. For your convenience ciphered files are highlighted red. The program has a comfortable interface implemented as Windows Explorer. Besides there is a convenient built-in help-system.
Confidential Unciphered Information Has Been Stored on My Computer? What are the guarantees that After It Is Enciphered There Would be No Access to the Initial Information?
The program deploys powerful methods of deleting information. After your information has been enciphered the initial source will be deleted by one of the methods. It is all automated. You don't need to take care of this. Besides you can clean an unused disk space by one of these methods. It is particularly convenient if some confidential information has been stored on the disk of your computer and, though you have deleted it (by standard Windows tools or by something else), still you are not sure there is no way the file could be restored.
I Process Numerous Files and I Don't Want to Enter Password Each Time I Cipher/Decipher Files. What Is the Best Solution in My Case?
There is a solution in the program to enter user password for an operation session. This password will be taken as your default password for files ciphering/deciphering during one operation session.
What Is the Best Way to Organize Operations to Provide Security of Information?
Adequate recommendation and advice on the matter could be given, of course, if one considers your specific tasks and conditions of operation. However the following simple additional organizational measures could be recommended in general for the Cryptor program that are practically always useful:
  • Install access password on your computer;
  • Install access password to cryptography software;
  • Do not store most important (confidential) files on network discs.
  • Use a separate computer for Internet while processing valuable information - the computer that is not connected to your IntraNet (Local) Network.
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