Offshore software development from Russia

a solution for electronic data protection
SKIM Software specialists developed a reliable and user-friendly application for information protection. Our Customers and we have been using it successfully. It is easy to learn how to work with Cryptor (because the program is based on the standard Windows interface), whereas its effect, especially in terms of ensuring confidence and tranquility, is tremendous.
Read more about this application below on this page or on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.
Dear friends, we are now ready to offer you an opportunity to start using Cryptor in your work.
We will be happy if this program could help you and protect you from various kinds of trouble.
Cryptor is a necessity
If you feel it is important:
  • Your competitors and other "inquisitive" have no access to the information on special features and schemes of your business;
  • Your accounting information and business indices are analyzed by yourself and your Financial Controller exclusively;
  • Your e-mails and other electronic documents are read only by the addressee;
  • Your confidential information IS confidential.
If you do, then Cryptor program is an advanced technological solution to the problems. Cryptor is an efficient and reliable tool for secure protection and confidentiality of electronic information on your computer, in the Local Network or in Internet.
Using Cryptor, you will have the following options
  • Ciphering of any file;
  • Safe operations in Internet;
  • On-time operations;
  • Becoming skilful in no time.
How and where does Cryptor operate
You can use Cryptor:
  • On your PC;
  • In a local network of computers;
  • In the operations via Internet.
The program ciphers/deciphers information (file) by making use of the password introduced by you. The pattern of operation is very simple. Start the program, select file or write e-mail, introduce password - here you are! - your information is ciphered/deciphered. There is an opportunity to introduce access password for entering the program.
What type of file can be ciphed
The program can cipher any file. You are able to cipher text file, any database file, graphics, music, video etc. In fact, you can cipher whatever you want to. Files for ciphering/deciphering may be taken from any catalogue you have access to.
What one can do with ciphered files
A ciphered file can be stored on a disk/floppy/CDRW in any catalogue you have access to. Besides the ciphered file can be sent via Internet. What is even more important, there is no need to worry your file may get to "aliens" any longer. There is 100% guarantee: there is no opportunity of an unauthorized use of your information.
How to work through the Internet
The Program ensures safe information transmission via Internet. You can:
  • Cipher and send a file;
  • Create a message directly in Cryptor Program and send it on the spot.
Special features and advantages of the program
The specific feature of the program is the combination of powerful modern 8-round cipher algorithm and user friendliness and convenience. Inner complexity of the program is behind a simple and user-friendly shell. Built-in Help System will be at your service any time you need it. For using this program a special training is not required. You can start operating Cryptor Program on the spot if you are familiar with Microsoft Programs. The program has a user-friendly interface for transferring information throw the Internet.
Technical characteristics
Cipher method: Ciphering in the program is performed on the basis of one of the most advanced comprehensive methods of cryptography - IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm). The lengths of the key of ciphering in the program are 128bits, 256 bits and 512 bits that correspond to the length of password of 16, 32 and 64 characters.
Environment: MS Windows; Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP Platforms.
Near nonexistent (No successful experience has been reported). To get an unauthorized access through "violence" (by searching) it will take to search through 1038 combinations of the key. If a billion computers are interconnected each checking a billion keys per second, then it will take 1013 years to identify the right key. It's more than our Universe lifetime.
Ciphering Speed: Not less than 2 Mg bite per 1 sec.
Make a note that any loss or unwanted distribution of important information may be vital for your business. Cryptor is a reliable protector from various troubles and loyal assistant on your way to success.

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