Offshore software development from Russia

On this page we provide a brief description of the processes and technologies that we apply in the course of development for you to get a better idea of how we are going to implement your project.
Our project methodology is outlined in the following chart:
Let us discuss each one of the processes shown in the chart.
Quality Control
We believe that quality-related issues are fundamental. We have been able to maintain relations with our Customers over the years and therefore we can confidently say that the quality of our work meets the modern standards and guarantees the success of your development project. We take quality control measures at each project stage in accordance with the Standard developed by our Company.
SKIM Software Standard regulates management processes and covers the planning, monitoring, and control of all the project-related aspects. We implement all the projects in line with the project schedule and development budget approved by the Customer. We use MS Project tool for planning and monitoring purposes.
SKIM Software teamwork is organized in the following way.
The development team is divided into groups. Each group works under the supervision of a Project Manager. The number of people involved in each group may be changed by the decision of the Project Manager depending on the project scope and the number of projects the group is involved in at a certain point in time. The professionalism and qualification of our developers as well as the effective redistribution of tasks enable the Company to quickly adjust to each specific project's requirements and successfully develop large and complex systems.
If you start your project from scratch, the development process will consist of the following stages:
Completing each one of these stages requires appropriate technologies and tools. In the table below we list the most commonly applied technologies:
Operating Systems: Windows/Linux/MacOS
Technologies: COM, ActiveX, XML/XSL, UML, HTML, JSP, ASP, EDI
Development Tools: MS Visual Studio .Net, Borland Delphi, Borland JBuilder, JDK
Design Tools: Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Flash
Databases: MSSQL 2000, Sybase Anywhere, MySQL, Interbase, MS Access, Pervasive.SQL 2000, PostgreSQL
Programming Languages: Java, Delphi, C#, Visual Basic, PHP, C/C++ for Win32
Web Servers: IIS, JRun, Apache
Project Management: Microsoft Project
Code Version Management: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Other: Rational Rose Modeler, Logic Works Erwin, Visio 2000, Microsoft Message Queue, InstallShield Professional,
Crystal Reports
The implementation of your project will be performed in accordance with the technologies selected and in line with the schedule of activities approved by you. We suggest that you take a look at the "Pattern of Cooperation" page to get an idea of how you could easily communicate with us in the course of development and perform regular monitoring of project implementation.
Based on our experience with development project management, excellent knowledge of programming technologies, and the working ability of our staff members we assert that if you commission your project to us, you will be happy with the results.
You can be sure that the software product we develop will be tested in the appropriate way. We do the testing at each project life cycle stage starting with the planning (idea testing) and design stage (project documentation analysis) and ending with the testing performed at the support stage.
On the coding phase of project we carry out:
  • Unit testing;
  • Integration testing;
  • Performance testing;
  • Regression testing.
After the coding phase:
  • Functional and system testing;
  • Regression testing;
  • Stability testing;
  • Integrity testing, compare programs and user documentation, marketing documents analysis;
  • Final release testing (checking all the functionality and data).
The success and popularity of the product depends greatly on its evaluation by the end user. Therefore our testing specialists pay special attention to the adequacy of the system interface in terms of its user-friendliness and operating efficiency.
To learn more about the software products we have produced and the development tools we were using, please visit the "Projects" page.

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