Offshore software development from Russia

You need us to optimize your business! Working with us, you will be able to reduce software development costs and technologically optimize your production activity. We will do the job for you in time and in compliance with the modern quality standards as well as your individual requirements and requests.
Do you want to increase the scope of your work?
Our cooperation will provide you with an opportunity to expand the scope of your work without increasing the number of employees and with minimal labor organization costs in the area of offshore work.
Do you want to reduce software development costs?
Working with us, you will solve this problem thanks to the difference between the Western and Russian programmer pay rates.
Do you have to deal with periodic "fluctuations" in the number of programmers involved?
By using outsourcing, you will definitely get rid of "excessive" employees and related costs.
We have many years of experience in distant work, which guarantees that you will be able to cooperate with us successfully and achieve great results even if you have never used IT-outsourcing before. And our professional experience in programming will help you complete even the most difficult projects applying new technologies and languages. We start working for you and you get a real opportunity to increase your profits, reduce software costs, beat your competitors, and win new markets. How soon this will be achieved and how far you will get depends on each specific case and the efficiency of your cooperation with us.
Our suggestions regarding your cooperation with us to help you achieve the best results possible are listed on the "Pattern of Cooperation" page.
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In order to get detailed information on how you could cooperate with us, visit the "Pattern of Cooperation" page.