Offshore software development from Russia

These are the examples of software development projects completed with high performance, in time, and at lower costs.
If you choose to apply the outsourcing model by delegating part of the functions to us on a long-term basis (for instance, development or support functions), you will get a better opportunity to focus on the major business targets such as sales and implementation of software products, satisfaction of Customer needs, and in-house technologies development. Besides, our Customers get a chance to:
  • increase the number of their contracts,
  • save time in development,
  • attract new customers,
  • complete larger projects,
  • reduce development costs.
Reducing development costs helps the Customer implement a flexible and easily adjustable pricing policy and have more freedom in product price determination. And consequently, the company gets a better chance to beat its competitors, gain new market niches, and most importantly, increase the profit.

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