SKIM Software offers
Offshore Software Development Services
for American and West European companies

You reduce your development costs more than by 50%
Industry expertise
  • Finance (EDI, HIPAA EDI, ACH and other electronic payments, customer services in banking);
  • Commercial and financial activity of businesses (product sales, accounting, etc.);
  • Healthcare (medical insurance, medical staff recruitment, personnel planning, registration, and salary payments);
  • Publishing (planning, managing, and controlling work performance; pre-publishing activities).

Welcome to the site of SKIM Software, a Russian software developer!
SKIM Software is an experienced developer of high-end software. We have industry-specific software expertise in designing, developing, and integrating business applications in such fields as finance, trade, electronic document flow, and healthcare. Our office is located in Voronezh in the central part of Russia. But wherever you are in the world, we are able to successfully develop software for you thanks to our technical equipment level and practical knowledge of the distant work approach. SKIM Software has been working in the Russian market for 20 years and providing software development service to our Customers in the USA for 15 years based on the outsourcing model.

Have SKIM Software do the job -
and your project will be completed meeting all the deadlines and budget limitations. Later on when you see how obviously lucrative this kind of cooperation can be, you may want to sign a long-term contract on software development services outsourcing (development, testing, support).

Please read the information on our website to learn more about our services that could be of use to you and how you could benefit from using them.

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Timothy Teague, President Halo Systems, LLC: "I have worked with a lot of different programmers both in the US and in other countries, but I have never worked with a group that was any faster at adapting to new ideas, logic and system-wide architecture. We have a lot of schools that teach programming, and planning for software development, but…"

If you want to know how we are going to implement your project, please visit the “Development Technology” page.

Customer of SKIM gets a chance to:
  • increase the number of their contracts,
  • save time in development,
  • attract new customers,
  • complete larger projects,
  • reduce development costs.